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The Wanderings, Tales of the AT Part 2: Construction Workers, Raft Guides, and Boxed Wine

This is part two in Tree’s account of her thru-hike of the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail, the longest hiking only footpath in the world. Good luck Tree!

Greetings from mile 188! I meant to write up an update from Monson (I’m now in Stratton) but I had entirely too much fun in the bar and couldn’t be bothered to play with my phone. The trail so far is amazing. Every day I’m reminded of how lucky I really am to live in such a beautiful world. I’ve never seen so many lady slippers, mosquitos, or piles of moose shit in my entire life. On top of that, I’ve met the most lovely of people, most of which are just as happy to be here as I am.

Overall, the hiking so far has been harder than I expected. The terrain doesn’t seem too challenging as there has been very little elevation change up to this point compared to other hikes, however, the management objective of the trails up here seems to be to get as many south-bounders to quit as possible. The rocks and roots make the footing a nightmare leading to many hikers in town with taped ankles and knees, and the water crossings make everyone fear for their lives as it’s been a very wet summer so far.

In my opinion, it’s all worth it though, the simple beautiful existence of trail life is the reward for the blood sweat and tears it takes to walk across northern Maine, even if I haven’t seen a moose on trail yet.

I saw my first bear of the trail yesterday. I almost didn’t notice but the light caught a shiny black coat as he carefully crossed the trail. I’ve found that with most of my bear interactions it’s been unnecessary to yell and scare it off, this wasn’t any different. The bear was headed in the other direction already despite never noticing me, giving me the chance to watch as he carefully chose a path that hardly drew any attention to him at all. This is quite a feat for an animal large enough to destroy a car if it wanted.

The nastiest river Ford has been Little Wilson Falls, the current in the middle was hard for me to stand in.

My laundry is now done and there’s a shower waiting for me down the road, the last thing I have to say is this: the best shots are the ones you take and you can never have too much fun.

As always, Happy Trails.



The Wanderings

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