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About Us


Karuna Outdoor is a community centered around people sharing their passions about the outdoors and having a window into the adventurer’s soul. Karuna Outdoor is a place for those who already adventure, for those who want to adventure, and for those about to be inspired to adventure. Karuna is defined as “the embodiment of compassionate activity” and we at Karuna Outdoor believe in carrying this ideal into whatever adventure we come across in life. Whether it be traveling to the ends of the earth or ripping down a mountain on our bikes, we have a profound appreciation for all that has helped us along our way. We have a compassion for the people who welcome us into their cultures and onto their couches during our travels, as well as a compassion for the environment that allows us to immerse ourselves in what we love each and every day. Whether you are here to find your passion or share your passion (hopefully both), the Karuna Outdoor Community, the Karunity, is here with you on your Never-Ending Journey.